Friday, October 3, 2014

RIP 000205 - DSD Set by Desdren - Donated/Gifted Requested!!!

* Today's Lost & Found *
* Requested *

Set Includes: 5 Pieces
* 1 Sofa * 1 Table *
* 2 Decor * 1 Shelf *
Collection File: No
Required: Works With Base Game
Pet Fix: Yes
Pre Pets: Yes

Off-Line As Of:
June 2012
Last Known Address:

Contains Both Formats

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Please say Thank You to
Those who Donated/Gifted these Items.

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  1. Thanks so much again, to Dresden, one of my very favorite Sims 3 creators and to Emma who tirelessly looks for fantastic finds, thank you from the bottom of my heart ((hugs)) have a great week-end dear!

    1. You are so Welcome Hon...Have a Fantastic weekend, and Happy Simming. <3