Sunday, October 19, 2014

RIP 000208 - Jeans With Wash Optics & Alteration by CarrieSims - Donated/Gifted!!!

Set Includes: 1 Piece
* 1 Bottom *
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult, Adult,
Collection File: No
Required: Works With Base Game
Pet Fix: Not Needed

Off-Line As Of:
August 2011
Last Known Address:

Contains Both Formats

Download Now!

Please say Thank You to
Reena Delenyel for Donating/Gifting this Item To Us.

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  1. Hi Emma, I found one link, where you can find downloads from Off-Line Sites. :)

    1. Thank You So Much... I'dd definitely be getting these to add soon. :)

  2. Hi Emma, thank you for your hard work. :)) Today I discovered that this site is suspended. :/ :( But on my blog you can find a few downloads.I would like for them to share with you. :))
    Sorry for my bad english. :((

    1. Thank You So Much. Your English is fine. I will be downloading these and adding them in the next few day...Again Thank You so Much. :)