Friday, October 2, 2015

RIP 000343 - Rose Sims3 Hair 051 - Donated/Gifted!!!

Set Includes: 4 Pieces
* 1 Hairstyle *
Category: Hair
Age: Toddler, Child, Teen,
Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Gender: Male & Female
Collection File: No
Required: Works With Base Game
Pet Fix: Not Needed
Original: Included

Off-Line As Of:
January 2014
Last Known Address:

Contains Package Formats Only
Can Not be converted to Sims3packs

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Please say Thank You to
Those who Donated/Gifted these Items.

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  1. Hi!! I was super late coming across some nice bed furniture for kids and painting but the link was dead. I believe the owner took a permanent hiatus. But if you do come across a link that is active could you please post it? Thx so much.

    Here's the links to the website items ( Sunset paintings)
    Because every girl is a princess set (bed/paintings/Rugs)

    CC by Simiversity

    1. Hello Dear,

      I am so sorry but I was not successful in finding these 2 sets. I have however, put the word out for them and I will be adding them to the Need to Find Section in hopes that someone out there will share them. As soon as I get them I will post them and to the ES Sims 3 Cemetery.

      Again I am so sorry.