Saturday, November 21, 2015

RIP S3 000367 - 4 SIP Items Converted by Sunhair at BPS - Donated/Gifted!!!

Set Includes: 4 Pieces
* 2 Decor * 1 Table * 1 Sofa *
Category: Decorations,
Coffee Tables, Sofas,
Ages: N/A
Gender: N/A
Sizes: N/A
Color Options: No
Cost: Various Prices
New Mesh: Yes
May Be Recolored: Yes
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Pet Fix: Updated
Original: Included

Off-Line As Of:
July 2015
Last Known Address:

Contains Both Formats
Please Note: Sims3packs Have Not been tested in game.
Pets Update sometimes breaks an object so if the
Pets Update dose not work use the Original one

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Please say Thank You to
Those who Donated/Gifted these Items.

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