Friday, January 22, 2016

RIP S3 000368 - Conversion of Cassandre's Colour Trends set by Louma - Donated/Gifted!!!

Set Includes: 51 Pieces
* 51 Decorations *
Category: Decorations, Miscellaneous, Sculptures, Paintings,
Ages: N/A
Gender: N/A
Sizes: N/A
Color Options: Yes
Cost: Various Prices
New Mesh: Yes
May Be Recolored: Yes
Required: Base Game, Requires Patch 126 or Higher,
Pet Fix: Updated
Original: Included

Off-Line As Of:
July 2015
Last Known Address:

Contains Both Formats

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Please say Thank You to
Those who Donated/Gifted these Items.

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  1. Hello! I was trying to download this starbucks lot but the link was dead etc. I was wondering if you know someone that have may have access to the file, could you please post it? Thx!

    Here's the link.

    1. Hello Dear,

      I have done extensive searching for this venue but haven't found it yet. However, I have found several that you might be interested in. You can find 4 of them here and I'll be posting one that is no longer available on-line here in the Commentary. I will continue my search for it and as soon as I find it I'll post it also here in the Cemetery.

      Here are the first 4:


  2. Hi Emma, If you happen to find a working link to this kitchen set could you please post it? Thx so much!

    By Awesims

    1. Hello Dear,

      Here is the Kitchen set you requested:


  3. Hello! I love your site, it's truly amazing! I have found so many beautiful things here! I bookmarked your page so I always visit lol. I was wondering if you possible had a link to j209 jackdaw by newsea for sims 3? I have looked for it everywhere with no luck :( I only find sims 4 retextures :( many thanks!

    1. Hello Elba Montes,

      We were able to find Newsea's Jackdaw (J209) for Sims 3 however, it is bundled with 2 other Newsea's hair as well as a Female sim located on the Sims 3 Exchange. If you Install this Sim into your game you will get all 3 of the Hairs witch are:

      Aileen (YU182)
      Chawla (YU181)
      Jackdaw (J209)

      We have not been able to extract the hairs yet from the Sims3pack but we are currently working on it.

      If you want to Download this Sim with the Hairs you can Download it here:

      As soon as we can extract the Hairs we will post them.
      If you do add this Sim to your game You will need to keep the Sim in your game to continue to use these Hairs.
      I hope this will help.