Monday, September 25, 2017

TS3 RIP #384 - Sims In Paris Wooden Floors Recreated by EJ@ES

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* Request *
* Updated - 09-25-2017 *
* Package Format Removed "

Sims In Paris Wooden Floors

Set Includes: 13 Pieces
Category: Patterns, Wood
Ages: N/A
Gender: N/A
Color Options: No
Hat Enabled: N/A
In Game Cost: 0 Simoleon
Wall/Windows/Doors Sizes: One Size
Original/Retextured/Conversion: Conversion, Reproduction,
New Mesh: Yes
May Be Recolored: Yes
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Original Artist: Sims In Paris, Emma J3an,
Shared By: Emma's Simposium

Off-Line As Of:
Last Known Address:

Contains Sims3packs Only

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  1. A little tip for whoever download this (if you're desperately looking for wonderful wood flooring you'll eventually end up here): don't use the .package files!
    Here's the thing, looks like the package ones were converted from the .sims3pack, and sadly most textures refuse to work properly once converted. They all look the same, multiply themselves over other textures, anyway, rebellious little things!
    Stick to the .sims3pack :)! I tested both!

    Lastly, thank you for this great site! Many good things I thought I would never see again in my game (after I lost my old CC) were found here!

    1. hello LoyFan,

      Thank you for bring this to my attention. I will remove the package format from the download.

      I always welcome any help I can get with any of the content posted here.

      I am so glad you are finding content you can use. I have a ton of lost TS3 content that needs be checked and posted, so keep checking back.

      Thank You
      Emma 😉