Monday, September 26, 2016

TS4 RIP #33 - Lekku for Everyone by Tovisims - AS Request!

* Today's Sims 4 Lost & Found *
* Missing Content Found *
* Request *
* Updated 02-17-2017 *

Full Set Added 02-17-2017

Male & Child

Set Includes: 8 Pieces
Category: Hair, Long,
Ages: Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder,
Gender: Male & Female
Color Options: Yes
Hat Enabled: No
In Game Cost: 0
New Mesh: Yes
May Be Recolored: Yes
Doors/Windows/Wall Sizes: N/A
Original/Retextured/Conversion: Original
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Pet Fix: (TS3 Only) N/A
Game Version; TS4
Original: Included
Original Artist: Tovisims
Requested By: Anonymous
Shared By: Anonymously shared

Please Note:
Full Set Includes
3 Male, 3 Female & 2 Child

 Off-Line As Of:
April 2016
Last Known Address:
Special/Important Notes:
None at the time

Contains S4 Packages

Female Only                         Full Set   
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  1. The zip file is corrupted. When I unzip it, there is another zip in it, and again and again (inceptionzip !) Someone has the solution please ?

    1. Hello Dear,

      I just Downloaded this Zip file by clicking the Download button above and it tool me to my SimFileShare where I uploaded the zip to/ I clicked the download button and beside the Red Heart button and got the "Lekku for Everyone by Tovisims" zip file and it is fine.

      For you I will upload this same zip to my mega account. There is no way that it can be tampered with because of the security of this site.

      Here is the Mega Link for "Lekku for Everyone by Tovisims"!yUABUCRC!0U90BpROU_PMSPnG-96U2x2kDEc3Chq2iQaK8ZE0F1g

      I am sorry for the problems you are having. This is a WinRAR Zip file so any program that unzips a zip file should work. Let me now if you have any more problems.

      Emma ツ

    2. Hello Dear,

      I am sorry you are having problems with this download. Below is the direct link for the content. I have checked it and it dies work.

      When you download it try right clicking and then click extract here. You should get the package file for the content.

      Here is the Link...

      Let me know if this works Please
      Emma 😊

  2. Thank you SO much!! (I'm the one who requested this- so I REALLY appreciate it!)

    1. Your Very Welcome My Dear
      I hope You have a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
      Emma 😊

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Was looking forever for these :D I do have a question is the ones for male and children suppose to be here because in the picture I see it but in game its not there :(

    1. Hello Dear,

      At the moment I do not have the male or child version. what I can do is try to convert the female version to male and then try for the child version. In the mean time I will post it in the ES Cemetery and maybe some one will share them.


    2. Hello Dear,

      Thanks to the wonderful Wiccandove, We now have the full set of the Lekku For Everyone. I have update this page with the new set.

      You can Download the Full Set Here:

      Lekku for Everyone by Tovisims


  4. I have uploaded them all at my sims file share - enjoy!

    1. My Dear Wiccandove,

      Thank you so much for sharing these with us. you have made a lot of Simmers very Happy.

      Lots of Hugs
      Emma 💖

  5. OP here ...Thank you SO much for sharing, Widdandove ♥️..and Emma for doing such a huge service to the sims community! ♥️

    1. You are so very Welcome My Dear
      Emma 💖

  6. Thank you SO much for this upload. The file won't open with the built in Windows (I'm using Win10) archive/zipping software. However, it works just fine when I use a program called 7zip.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Thank You for being this to my attention. I had no clue that Windows 10 couldn't open a regular zip file. I will make a note in our FAQ's about it.

      And You are so Welcome
      ENJOY Dear
      Emma 💖