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Emma's Simposium: Important Site Wide Update - 10-13-2013

Emma's Simposium: Important Site Wide Update - 10-13-2013: * Important Update *

* Important Update *

Update Content:
  1. Request
  2. Site Changes
  3. Lost Content
  4. Master List
  5. Request Shared Only Content & Our New Feature
  6. Coming Soon - New Search Feature


First I want to apologize for how slow I have been to getting to your Request. I try very hard to keep my personal life out of my gaming life. but sometime they collide. And this is one of those times. But I will get to your Request.

At the moment I am dealling with a very sick Grandson and a Husband that is in need of Gallbladder Surgery, which we will find out on the 18th when that will take place. Then last night I got a call that told me to check out my facebook and that's how I found out that there had been a death in my family, a cousin that I was pretty close to. Then just about an hour ago I found out that the Coroner is sending her off for an autopsy. So that is going to dely the funeral for at least a week or so. When it rains at my house it don't just pour, it turns into a hurricane. 

That is why I have been slow to getting to your request. Please be patient with me. I am trying to fill at least a couple of Request a day and as long as everyone is ok with the delay then I will not have to Temporary turn off the Request. I am sorry that it takes so long to get to them but I will get to Your Request.

Site Changes:

As you can tell I have been doing little changes here and there. I want to make this blog so user friendly that a child can navigate while offering the same great content that has always been offered here. As time goes by you will see many changes going on and at any time you don't like something our you have a suggestionn PLEASE feel free to share it. This is as much your blog as it is mine. I do all this for YOU! So send me your feed back.

Also As soon as my current Personal life get back to normal, I am hopeing to add a little help. I have two great friends that I've asked to Join Emma's Simposium. With their help and the great new content that will be added we'll have even more to offer you. More on that in the next couple of weeks hoipefully. :)

Lost Content: 

At the moment We currenly have in our ES Cemetery:
78 Sites listed that are off-line, 
58 are TS3, 
20 are TS4,
51 TS3 sites need to be added. 

We have about 85% of the content from these sites and most of them have been shared in huge uploads that contains packages & sims3packs. Like today I got an zipfile uploaded anonymously that containted some of a dead authors site that had over 1,000 pacages and just as many sims3packs. We (meaning I) have to sort through these and test them in game and try to put sets back togther to make them shareable. To do that I have to figure out sometimes who the Author is and then try to find out the name of the site and the location so I can try and recover any of the original images that the author took in game. The one thing that we are trying to do is to perserve everything we can about the content and the Author. This takes time to do.  

I have a lot of request to come in  asking for lost/missing content. I ask that you be patient with us becasue sometimes we do not have what you requested and we have to either try and find it ourselves or wait for someone to share it. 

I want to make the ES Cemetery the largest Sims Repository available on-line. You can be a part of this by sharing any content that you might have from any offline/dead sites. I will be updating the list as soon as I can. If at all possible when you share content. add a text file with the name of the author, the website address and any images that you might have of the content.

Master List:

We are working on a project that will have all of an Author's Content available on one page. additional pages may be added if the Author has a lot of content. For example We currently have over 500 hairs from PeggyZone. This does not include her Accessories, Clothes, and Objects/Sets. Adding her content to a Master List will make it so much eaiser to find the hair you are looking for, or a piece of content that went to a livingroom set that she did. Want to convert one of her hairs. just browse through the hairs. click the download button and you have the hair you want to convert.

The Master List will be a wonderful  feature to the ES Cemetery. It can also benifit Artist currently on-line. With Our Master List your Content will be backed up in case something happenes to your site or you content gets deleted. Or Your ready to retire from creating and you still want you Content Shared but can't keep it updating the links or images. It's something to think about.

We will slowly be adding the Master List for all the Offline Author's/Site. We are lookikng forward to this new feature,

Request Shared Only Content & Our New Feature:

As most of you know there are "Two Certain Sites" that we do not openly share on our Site. This is becasue both of these Authors has filed Wrongful DMCA Complaints against for sharing what they claim to be "Their Content" even when they list the original Authors Name for the meshes they are using. We do still fill Request for these 2 sites but only Through Request and through a Temporary system where the Content is then deleted from the Serever that we share it from. At the end of this section You will find the names of those 2 Author's.

That brings us to or Newest Feature. We now pass ALL CONTENT through 6 different virus detectors in hopes of preventing any virus attacks from any content that is shared here. This even includes content that is shared through Anonymous Link Shared. We download it our selves, scann them and test them in game before we share it. So Please keep this in mind when you make a Request and Your Content isn't already shared online. This Feature to our site is not only for our added protection it is four Yours too. With Maysims & Tingelingelater's Wrongfull complaints against Us and the Threat of viruses from those like Maysims wWe want all our Content to be safe to use. Remember What I said "This Blog is as much Your Blog as it is Our Blog, Because We do this for You" 

Coming Soon - New Search Feature:

We have plans to add a New One Word Search Button. You will only need to use one word to pull up the content that contains that word. For example: Your looking for "Stranger by Newsea (J086)" Just Type in J086 and all pages that have that word or number will be listed. It will be much easier to use and Hopefully will work with Blogger.

That is it for this Update.

Please keep my Family in Your Paryers as we go through the next few weeks. 
We look forward to all the New features and the New Help that may be joining Us.

Lots iof Hugs to You All



All Content On this Blog is Anonymously Uploaded (AU),

Anonymous Links Shared (ALS), Used With Permission (UWP),

Requested. All of our Content listed on this blog has been

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or the Author/Artist them selves. We do not control all the

Links conected to this blog. This includes Links to downloadable

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See our FAQ's for information on how the content is shared with us.

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