Friday, January 27, 2017

TS4 Missing Content WCIF - Male-Female Hair by Black-Le - Request #50

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Set Includes: 1 Piece
Category: Hair, Short
Ages: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder,
Gender: Male &/or Female
Color Options: Unknown
Hat Enabled: Unknown
In Game Cost: 0 Simoleons
New Mesh: Unknown
May Be Recolored: Unknown
Doors/Windows/Wall Sizes: N/A
Original/Retextured/Conversion: N/A
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Pet Fix: (TS3 Only) N.A
Game Version; TS4
Original Mesh: Included Unknown
Original Artist: Black-Le
Requested By: Anonymously Requested
Shared By: N/A

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October 2016
Last Known Address: or
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Site is currently Inactive,
Some content is missing.

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  1. I think I found the hair but it's flipped.

    1. Edit:

      The file doesn't open in Sims 4 studio and it cause the game not to load.

    2. Hello Mandy,

      Maysims is well known for taking others hairs and flipping them and doing odd things to them then calling them her own. We also have a lot of complaints that most of her files are corrupt and/or casues havac in the game if yoiu can get them to load. If your lucky you will get one to work the way it's suppose to.

      Just please be carful downloading from her site. Make sure you have your virus detector up-to-date. She is known to send out a virus or two to those who make her mad.

      Do Be Careful My Dear

  2. I have no idea where to download this :I

    1. Hello Dear,

      Currently the original hair is still Missing. We have been told that maysims has a flipped version of this hair.

      Due to past events We will only share this Artist Content through Request Only and the link you receive will be temporary. This link will only last 48 hours, then it will be deleted. If you were not able to download your request during this time frame, please let us know and we will send you a new link.

      As a precaution all content is now passed through 6 different Virus Scanners and We have Scanned this content with all 6 Virus Detectors and have checked it in game in the attempt to MAKE SURE that all content shared by us are not corrupt and are SAFE to use.

      Your Temporary Link is Here:

      Hair 96M!uJxg1T4C!poi_0dgXGJvIYNRXEsGGlurT4HFoUc3QfzLOEU2_T-o

      Please Remember that All These links will only last 48 hours. Let us know if you were unable to claim it during the 48 hour time frame and we will send you a new link.

      As always, Thank You for Your Request
      Emma 😊

  3. MaySims has uploaded a fix version of the hair and it's working.